Dennis Lee, Compton Arkansas Hi

Hi, just curious if there’s anything in my music that would be applicable to what you’re doing. My website is Thanks

Marcia, Texas

Rock on Patti and Rhythm of Mars! Congrats on your successes and radio spins!!

Pharmd19, USA

Very nice site!

Johnd102, USA

very nice submit, i definitely love this website, keep on it!

Jeff Perkins, Dallas

Patti & this band Rock!

Sally R., Tulsa, OK

Love your music! (H)

Debra Cummings, Tulsa, OK

Love your music...keep it coming!

Belinda Mercy, Sand Springs, Ok

"Beyond Dreams" is awesome!!! Great job!! Keep it up!!

Toni Hile, Tulsa, OK

I popped in your piano soundtracks cd and thought I was listening to John Williams music. The grandeur and majesty moved me so.

Pati Hendrickson, Texas & Oklahoma

Patti, your music is so original and unique! No one has a sound like this! Fantastic grooves, sweet friend! Good luck with all of your professional endeavors!

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